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Psychology - Finding e-books

A guide to finding psychology e-books.
Sometimes you have a book reference and wants to see if it's available electronically, other times you need to find e-books on a topic you are researching. Using Library Search allows you to quickly check if we have electronic access to a specific title and search for e-books on a topic.

Finding e-books using Library Search

Imagine you are looking for this book:

Kendall, P. C. (Ed.). (2011). Child and adolescent therapy: Cognitive-behavioral procedures. Guilford Press.
  • Use Library Search to search for the book's title: Child and adolescent therapy. This will show you if we have electronic access to the title. 

  •  You can access the online version via the hyperlink.

  • You will need to login using your University user name and password (if you haven't done so already). You will then be able to read the book online.
  • Some books are available to download to read offline (this may be for a limited period).
  • E-books are subject to copyright law, and so publishers determine how much of a book can be downloaded, printed or copied (this often varies depending on the e-book supplier).

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