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English: finding library resources for assignments

Gale Literature

You can choose to search across all of the content in Gale Literature using the main search box.

Alternatively, choose which part to search by clicking on the What's Inside link on the toolbar.



This will show you a list of all of the databases that make up Gale Literature. See the following tabs for more information about these.







If you know the name of the person or literary work that you need, you can choose the Person Search or Works Search links on the toolbar:


Modern and historical literary commentary and criticism. The collection includes:

  • Children's Literature Review
  • Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism
  • Drama Criticism
  • Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800
  • Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism
  • Poetry Criticism
  • Shakespearean Criticism
  • Short Story Criticism
  • Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism



Browse criticism collated into topic areas such as health, feminism, literary movements, censorship, folklore and many more. 

Here you can find introductions to the topics, explore relevant critical essays and articles, and link through to related topics, themes, works and authors.






Biographies, overviews, full-text criticisms, audio interviews, and reviews on writers from all eras.

Access literary works and authors throughout history, including full-text poems, plays, short stories and speeches.



You can also choose Works Search from the toolbar on the main page of Gale Literature.

Use the following resources to find out about authors and influential literary figures.


Biographies and bibliographies of thousands of U.S. and international authors.



Explore the lives, works, and careers of the world's most influential literary figures from all eras and genres.



Browse original scholarly essays on authors from around the world. 



Examine the lives and works of children and young adult authors and illustrators.



In-depth critical introductions to the lives and works of major writers. Includes influences of literary movements.


You can also choose Person Search from the toolbar on the main Gale Literature page:

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