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Grand Challenges - Climate Emergency: Online resources

The themes of this challenge focus on 'solutions' to the climate emergency, our use of water resources, sustainable finance, and how the University will become carbon neutral.

This guide highlights a range of resources to explore these challenges.


Library Search

Library Search

Use Library Search to find climate related book and journal content from a range of full text resources.


You can search for broad topics like climate emergency or climate change and browse by date to see the latest publications, or run more focused searches on themes of topic relating to the climate and/or environment 

Here are some sample searches - but try some some of your own.

climate change and carbon

water resilience and climate change

climate emergency and media

climate change mitigation 

sustainable finance and climate change

Top Tip! Refine your search results to online results only whilst you are researching away from the Library


Media reporting of Climate Change

CarbonBrief's analysis of the climate papers most featured in the media in 2023:

You can see how this has changed over the past few years by viewing previous analyses:

How big is your environmental footprint?

Discover climate research produced by University of Exeter staff and students

University of Exeter Research Groups


Google Scholar Search

You can use Google Scholar to quickly search across a broad range of scholarly literature. Use this sample search and then run some searches on other topics relevant to your challenge.

Use the Making the most of Google Scholar LibGuide for advice on running effective searches.

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