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Law Librarian @ Exeter

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Lee Snook
Subjects: Law

vLex Justis is a great starting point for finding the legal information you need. It is a legal research platform and at Exeter you have full access to the UK Core Collection which includes access to UK superior court judgments and legislation, and also quickly and easily links you to law reports available in full text on other research platforms such as Lexis and Westlaw etc.

You can also search for information about legal materials from other jurisdictions.  

It has a number of useful research tools that help you to look at the law in context and explore related content.

 For example when you are viewing case law it  shows you whether your case has been referred to in other cases and whether it has been upheld or overruled subsequently.  A very nice added value feature is the precedent map which shows you the context of your case in a visual way. It helps you visualise relationships between cases and find other cases related to your line of enquiry.  

When you are looking at a piece of legislation you can see if there are related cases or journal articles, and check on the status of provisions to see if they are still in force or have been amended.

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