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Microform: What? Where? How?

An overview of microform collections and reader/scanners


Image: Microfilm Old Library

Newspaper Titles on Microfilm

  • Financial Times
  • Independent
  • Le Monde
  • New York Times
  • Times
  • Times Literary Supplement
  • Times Educational Supplement
  • Times Higher Education Supplement
  • Times Literary Supplement
  • Sunday Times

Microform: what is it?

Microform is material that contains a small image or microreproduction of a document.  It is used to save space as thousands of pages of documents can be stored in this way.  It is commonly used as a storage medium for newspapers, government documents, and other archive materials for this reason. The most common forms are microfilm and microfiche.  

  • Microfilm is a roll of film. 
  • Microfiche is a flat sheet of film. 

Since the images are micro sized a specialist reader/scanner device is used to magnify and view the microfilm / microfiche images. 

Microform: where is it?

Exeter Campus

The microform reader is located in the Old Library Level -1.  Please email if you need to use it.

The main microform collection is located in the Old Library. Other archive material is located with subject collections or is available in the closed Roborough Basement collection and is retrievable on request.  

All titles and locations are discoverable via Library Search.  

Penryn Campus

The Microfilm reader is on the 2nd floor of the Penryn Campus library.  Please email for further details.

Library Search

Microform: how do I use it?



You can arrange an appointment and Library staff will attend to assist with setup of the Microform reader / scanner

Staff will fit the lens to the scanner for you, and remove it when you have finished.

Please do not handle the lenses yourself, as they are fragile and expensive to replace.

Detailed instructions on using the microform reader scanner are available below, and are also available in printed format at the reader scanner temporarily located in the Old Library.

Microcard reader

The microcard reader is on level -1 of the Old Library.  Please see vidoe link below on how to use this equipment.

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