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Building and Evidencing your Research Skills: Online Training

Find out more about the online research skills training and certification options available to you

The information and research skills that you build through your studies at University are transferable skills that can help you get ahead in the career market and manage your daily activities competently and efficiently in today's information rich society.

Take advantage of the range of online training and certification schemes that are available to you.  Not only will these help you build your information/research skills, but you will also gain certificates that you can use to evidence your skills and knowledge for prospective employers.  

A range of different training and certification schemes are flagged below.  Why not take the opportunity to show your aptitude and commitment to developing new skills?

Legal Skills: Training & Certification

Legal Certification info

Intellectual Property Skills: Training & Certification



Systematic Reviews: Training and Certification


Are you new to conducting systematic reviews of interventions? If the answer is yes, or you need a refresh, you may benefit from completing the e-learning package Cochrane Interactive Learning. It consists of eleven e-learning modules that have been designed by experts to improve your knowledge and skills in systematic review methodology. Although designed to support healthcare intervention reviews, many researchers conducing different types of systematic reviews are likely to find modules 1-3 useful.

Please note, you will need to use a custom link to register for a Cochrane Interactive Learning account. Please register and annually re-register using the link below.

Peer Reviewing: Training & Certification



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