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Psychology - Psychological tests: Home

A guide to finding psychological tests.
During your research you may find you would like to use psychological tests or measures. It can be challenging to find the full text of tests, instruments, and measures. This guides provides a starting point to finding these types of resources.

Where to start...

  • Many tests and questionnaires can be found in books, journal articles and databases. It may be possible for you to use them or adapt them for your own work, with the permission of the author.
  • One way to try and find these resources is to combine a topic search with descriptors i.e. describing the type of test. Examples of descriptors include "Test-Construction", "Measurement", "Questionnaires", "Personality-Measures", etc.
  • For example if you wanted to find a questionnaire on body-image in a database you could perform the following search: "body image" in SU Subjects and "test construction" in SU Subjects.
  • If the tests are commercially available they are referred to as published tests. 
  • Published tests are sold via the test publisher's website.
  • Usage of these tests may be restricted to licensed psychologists.
Here are some examples:

Buros Institute of Mental Measurements makes a lot of its material available on its website free-of-charge or for a small fee.

ETS Test Collection is a not for profit Educational Testing Service.

Pearson Assessment provide many products adapted to UK needs. The focus is on Psychology, Allied Health and Education. Each test is classified with a Qualification Code.

  • Before you can purchase material from them, you have to be registered.
  • Your level of qualification governs the tests they will sell to you.

How to find tests and measures on APA PsycInfo (Ovid)

The database has a field called "Tests and Measures", selecting this option lets you search for tests and measurements used in a document.

  • Not all documents will provide access to the full test documentation.
  • If the full text of the test is included, APA PsycInfo records it as an "Appended" item.

From the search page, select the multi-field search option.

Click on the "Select field" menu and scroll down to TM "Tests and measures".

For in depth guidance on searching Ovid explore the Searching Ovid LibGuide.

  • In the "Tests and measures" search box Type Appended (to find the full text documents) 
  • Add a keyword search in the box below (leave it searching all fields)
  • Then click on search.

When you browse through the abstract you will find that it includes details of any tests or measures included in the document.


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