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Library Rules & Regulations: Fair and responsible Library use

Guidelines on using library services

Fair and responsible library use


Libraries are shared spaces used by university students and staff.  Respecting others and being considerate creates an environment which works for everyone

Library etiquette

Study seats – Please use one seat only and don’t use a seat for your belongings.  Also, allow room at larger tables for others. 

Saving seats - If you leave for more than 45 minutes, clear the space, making it available for someone else to use.

Taking breaks – Use “Take a break” card available on desks or at library help points

Noise - Keep noise to a minimum. Libraries are quiet study spaces.

Drink - Drinks with lids are OK. (Consumption of alcohol is never permitted).

Food – Cold quiet snacks (e.g. sandwiches) are OK everywhere.  Cold noisy snacks (e.g. crisps) are NOT OK in library silent study rooms.  Hot food is NOT OK in libraries but may be eaten in social study spaces.

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