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Library Rules & Regulations: Fair and responsible Library use

Fair and responsible library use

Libraries are shared spaces.  Respecting others and being considerate creates an environment which works for everyone

Consider library etiquette

Study seats: Use one seat only (please don’t use a seat for your belongings) and allow room at tables for other students

Leaving a seat (>45 min): If you leave for greater than 45 minutes, clear your belongings from the space, making it available to use

Taking a break (<45 min): If you leave for less than 45 minutes, use “MY BREAK STARTED AT" card.  Cards are available on individual study desks or at library help points.  Move the wheel to the time you left.  Take valuables (headphones, laptop, phone or wallet) to avoid loss or theft.  Return within 45 minutes.  Leave the card on the desk to be used again.  

Noise: Keep noise to a minimum. Libraries are quiet study spaces.

Drink: Drinks with lids are OK. (Consumption of alcohol is never permitted).

Cold food – Snacks are OK in quiet or group study area but not OK in library silent study rooms.  

Hot food - Please don't bring hot food into libraries, you can eat in social spaces (e.g. Forum Street or Cross Keys)

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