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Library Rules & Regulations: Fair and responsible Library use

All library users must be aware of the rules and regulations for our libraries

Please contact the Library if you have any questions arising from our library rules, regulations and policies.


Shared Library Space

The library is a shared resource for all university students and staff. Please respect the needs of others when using the space and help make the library space work for everyone.  

Yes you can... and drink in most areas
Drinks with lids and cold, unobtrusive snacks are permitted - but no hot food anywhere. No noisy food in the silent study areas. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted. in our Group Study Rooms
We have dedicated spaces for Group Work as well as for Quiet and Silent Study and more relaxed Breakout areas. for extended periods
Please use only one seat and leave room at large tables for others. It is ok to take a break when you are working for long periods, use a Take a break, don't take the mick card and always take valuables with you or lock them in a Forum locker.

...ask questions, we're here to help
For help with research, finding resources or if you need help getting the most out of our spaces, just ask!

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