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Virtual Library Study Sessions: Focused online study time

More sessions coming
Look out 2023/24 schedule

Need some focused time to get your library research done?

-   Join a Virtual Library Study Session         

 Bring something to work on during the session                  

 Spend focused time researching and writing

-   Library staff available to support you as you work

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The Virtual Library Study Sessions provide an ideal opportunity for you to feel part of learning community by joining a group online study environment facilitated by library staff, enabling you to feel motivated and supported to study and research amongst other students.

The sessions provide dedicated space and time to focus on your studies away from outside distractions like social media. Friendly library staff are available throughout each session to answer any questions you may have, as well as introduce the format of the session, provide a mid-way break, and close the session. 

The sessions will take place using Microsoft Teams. Joining details will be sent in advance once you sign up.


Target audience All students
Facilitated by Friendly and supportive library staff
Preparation None required!  Just come with something you need to work on
Duration 2 hours. A short introduction, mid-way break and summing up.  All the rest is research and writing time for participants

As little or as much as you need!

There will be opportunities to chat during the introductions and break slots. If you prefer to just to get your head down and get on with researching / writing then feel free to do that.

Library Staff are available throughout for individual support via chat message


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