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Library Wellbeing Games Collection: Game on!

Game on with #UoELibGames

We recognise that it is healthy to take some 'time out' away from your study, research and work activities. Playing games can support your wellbeing by bringing some light relief and enjoyment to stressful times, as well as combating loneliness by supporting community interactions.

Our physical games and puzzles are not on display during COVID-19, so enjoy the digital ones, in the meantime.

Wellbeing Books

You may also want to take advantage of our Wellbeing and Leisure book collection which contains books to help you understand and manage your health and wellbeing, and a number of fiction and non fiction titles that you can read for general relaxation, enjoyment and advice on everyday living.


Jigsaw challenge

Can you help complete the community jigsaws?

Look out for a range of jigsaws appearing in the Forum Library Lounge area.


Join in and help complete the puzzles.

If you'd like to snap and share your progress, use  #UoELibGames to share your photos on social media 

 @ExeterUniLib (Twitter) or @exeterunilib (Instagram)


We'd love to see photos of you enjoying the games, and examples of your drawing and colouring creations.

There are some handy cards on the stand you can use to share your game play and/or artwork.

Use #UoELibGames to share your photos on social media and tag us

 @ExeterUniLib (Twitter) or @exeterunilib (Instagram)


Instagram  Twitter  

Online Jigsaws

If you are missing the Library jigsaws, you can still get your puzzle fix with an online jigsaw. 

Try these great examples from Jigsaw Planet

Click on the screenshot below to explore the available puzzles.

Jigsaw planet

The jigsaws are proving to be very popular ....

Community Use

These games are for use within the library.  Be mindful of other library users and don't disturb other library users with noisy game play. 

The Library Lounge area at the Level 0 entrance is an ideal spot for game play as it is a noisier and busier part of the library.

In less busy times such as late evening, weekends or vacations, you are welcome to take the games into other library spaces such as the group study rooms.

Just return items to the stand once you have finished playing.   



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