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Patristics: Reference works

Why use reference sources?

  • For quick background research into a topic.

    • Dictionaries and encyclopedia introduce you to new terms and concepts 

  • For in depth scholarly analysis into research topics. Major specialist reference sources help by

    • ​examining topics in depth through research reviews, essays and analyses.

    • directing you to key publications from scholars in the field through bibliographies and literature guides

Key Online Reference Sources for Patristics Research

Finding Reference Resources

Use the Library Research Tools to discover all the reference material available to you.

Library Search

Use Library Search to find specific reference titles on the catalogue or to view full text reference records through Articles + More

Databases A-Z

Use the Database A-Z list to view all the database sources that are available to you.  

Library Search

Reference titles relating to Patristics and the early Church

Remember to use Library Search in order to discover many more reference titles relating to to the writings of the early church authors.

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