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THE1074 Patristics Library Research Guide: Where should I search?

Library resources support for THE1074 Present and Future Salvation in the Church Fathers

Don't just 'google' to find material. 

You will find useful web resources to support your studies in this module, especially as the primary resource works are out of copyright and freely available for dissemination.

Don't just use Google but also use the Library Research Tools for comprehensive searching and access to all materials available to you as a member of the University.



Tip : ‚ÄčNot all information resources are equal!

  • Some materials such as scholarly books and journals go through a rigorous 'peer review' process where they are analysed by experts in the field for reliability and quality.  

  • You can be less assured about other information sources where it is hard to establish the provenance of the information - anyone can create and disseminate information via the web.

Use the Evaluating information tutorial below to help you assess the reliability and authority of sources you may wish to use in your research.

Key Library Research Tools

The two key Library Research tools that will help you find all the print and electronic primary and secondary materials you have access to are:

1. Library Search

2. A-Z Databases

  • Using these services ensures you have access to all the information sources available to you
  • Google doesn't index all the research material that is available to you
  • You need to be logged into University systems so that you can view UoE licensed materials
  • Use your IT Services username and password to login to all these resources
  • As well as containing information that is not exposed through Google, the Library research tools also allow you to be more precise with your searching
  • Search specific indexes, date ranges and geographical locations for focused searching
  • For more information on the complementary role of Library Search and the Databases, take a look at the Library Search LibGuide
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