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Anthropology: Finding and using library resources: 1. Effective Library research

Online tutorial introducing you to the skills and techniques needed for effective library research


As part of your studies you will have various tasks and assignments that require you to work with the library resources.

If you invest time up front thinking and planning out your library research activities you can ensure you find the right materials for your research/assignment tasks.

Before you start looking around for sources, you should always consider three key questions:

  1. What sort of information do I need?
  2. Where can I find the resources that are the most appropriate?
  3. How can I search effectively so that I find relevant materials for my research topic?



A Search Strategy workbook is available for you to download and use.  It can be used anytime you are planning research for your assignments so that you can consider and capture your  What  >  Where  >  How  search planning steps. 


Work through the next three pages to explore these questions in more depth. 
And then we'll move on and look at some research databases you can use for searching.

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