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Exeter Maths School: Key UoE online resources

Visitors to Forum, Old, Penryn and St Luke's (Haighton) libraries


Members of the public can use the Forum library for reference use only, free of charge, during staffed hours.


NB St Luke's library is closed for refurbishment until September 2024.

Visitors to Penryn Campus Library.


Visiting hours

Visitors should use the library during staffed hours which are currently: 

Forum library:

9.00 - 6.00 Monday to Friday

10.00 - 6.00 Saturdays to Sundays


St Luke's Library

CLOSED (until September for refurbishment)


Old Library

9.00 - 6.00 Monday to Friday (enquiries to staff at Forum library)


Visitor guidelines

  • Please seek help at the enquiry desk or use our online chat.


Get in touch in advance

Please email in advance of your visit if you have any special requirements.  

Key Maths and Science databases

The University of Exeter subscribes to a number of Maths and Science research databases.

These databases allow you to search the worldwide literature on a subject. They provide details of journal articles, books, conference proceedings, and research reports. Some publications require subscriptions to access the content as they are not freely available to the public.

You can access these databases by visiting the Forum Library and registering as a Walk-In user and using the dedicated Walk-In Access PCs. 


Key maths databases available via walk-in access

Key databases for Maths

Research databases allow you to search the literature that has been published on a specific subject and provide references to journal articles, books, conference proceedings, reports etc that match your search criteria. They help you find information relating to your field of research.  Each research database has different content within its collections and many are international in their scope.

Current Index to Statistics is a bibliographic index to publications in statistics, probability, and related fields, covering publications from 1975 onwards. It is produced by the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

JSTOR provides access to scholarly book, journal and primary sources via an easy to use search interface.

Use the How to Search JSTOR LibGuide for a general introduction to the service. The Mathematics & Statistics Resources on JSTOR guide will introduce you to the content available in this area. Mathematics & Statistics is a growing area of content on JSTOR and journals in this area come from prestigious societies and organizations such as the American Statistical Association, & the Institute of Mathematical Statistics

JSTOR also has a Vimeo channel for educational and instructional videos. The following video shows you how to use ebooks on the JSTOR service.

MathSciNet is produced by AMS (American Mathematical Society) and is the authoritative gateway to the scholarly literature of mathematics.

Use the QuickStart guide if you are new to this resources. This has lots of hints and tips to help you search effectively. You can also use the Help Index and FAQ sections for guidance.

SCOPUS is a large bibliographic database. The content is multidisciplinary and covers all subject areas not just mathematics so can be useful for investigating subjects that span maths, statistics and related areas.

SCOPUS have produced a series of tutorials to help you get started. They can be accessed here.

Web of Science is a large bibliographic database. The content is multidisciplinary and covers all subject areas not just mathematics so can be useful for investigating subjects that span maths, statistics and related areas.

You can find help on how to use this collection here.

Use the A-Z Database List to access the full list of databases the library subscribes to.  

You can browse by subject e.g. Maths or type (e.g.maps, news, images etc.) or search to find your required resource.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is an extensive archive of free-to-air TV programmes and radio shows

  • Search the archive to find programmes relating to your subject
  • Record programmes from over 65 free-to-air channels and add to the archive for others to view
  • Create your own clips and playlists

Key science databases available via walk-in access

undefinedKey databases for Computer Science


Key databases for Engineering



Key databases for Physics


Walk-in access to e-resources

A-Z of walk in access electronic resource providers

We try to make as much of our content as we can available to walk-in users.  Walk-in users can search for content on our library search.  Some content will not be available due to licensing agreements.  Also, Walk-in users may find content on the catalogue that will not let them authenticate as walk-in users.  To help navigate this there is a list of links below that walk-in users can use from the Walk-in access PCs.


How to find and use 'walk in access resources'

  1. Search for electronic resources on library search and identify the publisher
  2. Check for the publisher on the spreadsheet above
  3. Click on the relevant link (column A) to open the publisher website
  4. Navigate to the content required 
  5. Read online or save to USB where applicable


If you need help

Ask staff on the enquiry desk for help or use the online chat on the library search

Top Tip:
Not all databases provide full-text access to a document. For example, indexes tend to just include the bibliographic details and a brief description of the document or abstract rather than the document itself. In some cases, you may need to click on a hyperlink that takes you elsewhere to access the full text.

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