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INTO - How to research legal topics: Library Search

Library Search

Library Search


Library Search is the University of Exeter's library discovery service and it covers the print materials available in the Library plus a wide range of full text materials

It is a good starting point for introductory searching on your topic.

You will discover lots of secondary legal sources such as print and electronic books and journal articles, plus a range of other full text material.

It will not provide access to primary legal materials such as case law and legislation so you will need to use it alongside database and internet searching to find all the material you will need.

Find out more on the Library Search Libguide.



When you use Library Search you will see search results via two tabs

1. Catalogue

2. Articles + more

As a wide range of full text resources are discoverable via the Articles + more tab, take advantage of the search limits to make your results more manageable.

A search for human rights law in Library Search returns the following catalogue results. Note the type of content. There is a mixture of print and electronic texts.

This search finds matches in book and journal titles (and in brief details such as subject terms, contents page listing details). 

For more granular searching within the content of books and journals you should use the Articles + more feature of Library Search.

To access the print materials, note the Library Location and classmark,

e.g. Law Library @ Forum Library KM 201 DAV

To access the eresources, click on the online link and login with your IT username and password.

You will find many results on the Articles + more tab than the Catalogue tab if you were to run the same human rights law search

In addition to all the content in the Catalogue tab, there is also a wide range of content from various full text resources, with journal articles, book chapters and other full text resources that match your search terms.

You may need to add additional search terms and use the filters on the left of your search results to manage your results.  For example you could search for human rights law AND refugees and limit your results to 2015-2020.


You can also use Library Search to check on the availability of print and online journal titles.

You may come across a reference to a particular journal title when you are doing some background reading and want to check if the library has access.

To search for journal titles, just enter some/all of the journal title into the library Search box and then browse the Catalogue tab to check for access.

A search for legal studies returns the following catalogue results. You can browse through the list and click on the titles for access.


In this example for Legal Studies you can see that there is:

  • current access via Cambridge University Press
  • archive access via Wiley and HeinOnline

You will often find that journal coverage is split across journal and archive services.

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