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CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership, Sustainability and Society

Recommended search tips and rssources

NHS specific information

NHS Trusts are likely to have produced corporate social responsibility plans, or produced summaries of their efforts online. This information is most easily found by conducting a specific keyword search on Google, searching in NHS websites only. Click the image below to see a search example, or view the sample search here.

Google search example


PubMed search

You can use PubMed to carry out a search related to corporate social responsibilty in healthcare. Click here for an example search on this topic. To give you an overview of the recent literature on this topic, results are filtered to include reviews published from 2010 onwards.

Search strategy pubmed

Don't forget to download Endnote click if you are using PubMed, it will help you find the full-text of any articles you find via the university library.

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