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CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership, Sustainability and Society

Recommended search tips and rssources

A large collection of online databases is available to you and will help you to search and view content.

A-Z List

To explore all the types of resources available:

  • Access via A to Z database list 

  • Sort  the list by subject or by type e.g. news, maps, official publications etc.

  • The Business databases will hold significant content in relation to CSR topics. However, if you are investigating this from a specific angle such as Law, Medicine, Environmental Studies, Food Studies etc then you can select the relevant subject to browse databases in those areas 

  • Click on a database name and login with your University email address and password for access. 

  • Use available Advanced Search functions for focused searching

There are many different databases. Their interfaces will all vary, and they may use different terminology.

However, they all have similar features. Once you are familiar with these, you'll be able to find your way around different databases. You can see the main features in the examples below.

This is what a standard database interface looks like:

Web of Science search screen

Once you click the Search button, the results page appears:Web of Science results screen

Take a look at the Database Search tutorial for a further look at how to search within a database.

Research material can be drawn from a wide range of different types of information. As well as traditional sources such as books and journal articles, you may wish to use specialist sources such as news items, statistical data, archival and audiovisual materials.

Use the Types menu on the A-Z list to select the type of information you need,.


The Searching for specific types of information LibGuide is available for support and provides access to online support guides on the different types of information .

Screenshot of Type of Information LibGuide

The online databases have sophisticated search functionality that can quickly and easily link you to related information.  When you are viewing an article or chapter look out for information on screen that can connect you with related articles, subsequent updates or other contextual information.

In this example from the Environment Complete database you can see that whilst looking at brief details about an article you can choose to get Full Text but also Find Similar Results.  This is an easy way to explore research connections between materials.

Screenshot from Environment Complete showing a database record with links through to similar articles



Databases for CSR Research
Slide: Business databases - Ebsco Business Complete & Proquest Premium Business Collections
Slide: global literature databses Scopus & Web of Science
Slide: news databases Factiva, Nexis, Gale OneFile News & Lexis News UK
Slide: Key Legal databases - Lexis and Westlaw
Slide: Key environmental databases - Environment Complete, GreenFile and JSTOR sustainability colelction
Slide: Many more databases available in A-Z List

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