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Highlighting a range of different types of information sources
Research material can be drawn from a wide range of different types of information. As well as traditional sources such as books and journal articles, you may wish to use specialist sources such as news items, statistical data, archival and audiovisual materials.
Use these guides to explore the types of resources available and how to access them. You can pick and choose the guides most relevant to you. 
Try out our short finding theses tutorial to practise finding specialist content.  You can search for dissertations and theses on topics that interest you.

You can use the A-Z list to help find specialist databases

  • Access via A to Z database list.

  • Sort list by type e.g. news, maps, official publications etc.

  • Click on the i (information icon) to find out more about each database. 

  • Click on a database name and login with your IT Services username and password for access.

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