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Reading Lists: A Guide for Students: Getting started with your reading list

A guide to using your online reading list.

Getting started with your reading list

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Most of the items on your reading list will be available digitally. Just click on the VIEW ONLINE button on the right to access the ebook or online article:

This will take you to the library catalogue page for that item where you can navigate the links to the digital resource and login using your Exeter IT login.

You can also click on the title of the item in your list to view further details about the item, where it is held in the Library, or to see if it is available.

In this example, there are two copies of this book both currently available: one in the Forum Library and one in St Luke’s Library. The classmark is provided so you know where to look for the book. If you click on the text ‘1 COPY AVAILABLE’ you can access the item page on the Library catalogue. On the right-hand side is the bibliographic information for the book including the author(s), date of publication and the edition.

You may be asked to read a specific chapter of the book, in which case the bookmark will look like this:

The information includes the chapter title and author in addition to the title of the book. Also, you may sometimes see a note below providing additional information. Look out for the little mortar board symbol.

You will also find articles on your reading list. This is an example:

Click on the VIEW ONLINE button to navigate through to the online article.

Reading lists can also contain links to audio visual resources your lecturer may want you to watch or listen. This is an example of a podcast. Again, click on the VIEW ONLINE button to navigate to the resource:


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