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Finding Company Information: 3. Company data

Online guidance on selecting and using company information sources



This page highlights our best resources for finding company data and statistics. Complete the activities to familiarise yourself with the resources. You can watch the demo videos for guidance on using each resource. 

Fame & Orbis: Company data


For the full range of Fame and Orbis demo videos, visit the Business, Accounting & Finance LibGuide.

Alternative sources:

Corporate websites:

In addition to Fame and Orbis, you will often find company data within corporate websites, although it is unlikely that it will be neatly structured, with older and more detailed data possibly being more difficult to locate. 



You can also access some company data using the Marketline database. Marketline's global company profiles offer a mix of both data and analysis, with the 'Financial Overview' chapter providing a number of years worth of financial data, with a breakdown and style similar to that of Fame and Orbis. If you cannot find what you are looking for in Fame or Orbis, it is worth checking Marketline as a backup.

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