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Existing i-law account users must update passwords from 14 October 2023.
Details on how to reset your password can be found here.


Logging in

1. Click on the link to i-law from the Database A-Z list.

2. Click the Login button on the i-law home page, as shown here.



3. New User: If you do not have an i-law login, use the 'Do you have a corporate account?  Register here option at the bottom of the login screen.   Complete the registration form and then check your emails to complete your registration. You must use your University of Exeter email for registration and you can choose your own password.


4. Users with an i-law account: Login using the exeter email address and password you chose when you registered for i-law. If you have forgotten your password use the Forgot Password button and check your Exeter email address inbox for details to help you reset your password

i-law Forgot Button prompt

5. if you need help, just contact the Library

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