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Finding Market Research: 1. Introduction

Online guidance on finding and using online market research resources



This page provides a brief introduction to market research information and the types of information sources that you can access via Exeter's digital library resources.

Types of market research information


Exeter's digital resources provide two main types of market research information: industry research and information on the broader business and economic environment. 

Resources specialising in industry research will usually provide profiles with data and analysis on on individual sectors. Profiles will often focus on industries within the context of a specific country. 

Resources that include information on the wider business and economic environment will also present their information in the form of 'economic profiles', usually focusing on international regions, countries or cities. Most resources will provide a mix of statistics, analysis and demographic information.

Key points when searching


Be sure to consult multiple sources. If one database does not include a profile on your industry, try another resource. Alternatively, if you find the comprehensive SWOT or PESTEL analysis that you were looking for, search for the views and analysis of additional researchers. 

Check when the information you find was published. Some resources will update their economic statistics on a quarterly basis, while other industry reports that you find may be several years old. 

Each database is different and it may take time before you are confident using them all. Try to give yourself plenty of time to make the most of the resources. 

If you are struggling to find the information you need; don't worry! The 'Getting help' section highlights how you can contact the library and get the support that you need.

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