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Find out more about the Sconul Access co-operative library scheme
The Sconul Access Scheme has now reopened.

Sconul access for visiting staff and students

To access University of Exeter Libraries under the SCONUL access scheme:

  1. Apply to SCONUL Access scheme
  2. Wait to receive your SCONUL Access Approved email
  3. To use the Exeter Campus libraries please forward the email with your home address and phone number to   
  4. We will contact you with joining information
  5. To use the Penryn Campus libraries please complete this form.


Relaunch November 2021

1. You must reapply for library access if your approval has expired

  • Do not visit an institution until your new application has been approved.
  • All information about applying for the Access Scheme is available on the SCONUL website.
  • Your own institution’s library is the body responsible for considering and processing your application. Please be patient and allow them time to deal with your application.
  • Please check the website in detail for information about the Scheme
    • before you contact your library
    • before you contact a library you wish to visit or before contacting SCONUL.
  • Please remember access granted under the Scheme is a privilege and not a right.

2. Allow time for your application to be processed

  • An extremely high volume of applications is being processed.
  • How long your application takes depends on how many applications your institution receives.
  • In some cases you may need to wait up to 4 weeks.
  • Do not pressure library staff at your home institution - it will not speed up your application!
  • Do not call the library you wish to visit or the SCONUL office about your application - it will not speed up the process!

3. Check on the day you would like to visit whether the institution you would like to visit is participating

4. Prior access does not mean current access

  • Some institutions that previously participated in the scheme are not participating at this time.
  • You are not guaranteed access to an institution because you previously used it.
  • Check before you visit!

Sconul access scheme bands

Who is eligible to apply?

St Luke's library is currently closed for refurbishment and will re-open in the Autumn.

The St Luke's collection remains available and can be found in Forum and Old Library, Streatham Campus.

Eligibility for borrowing and access to St Luke's library


up to 4 items

Swipe card access

to St Luke's library

Band A

  • Academic & Support Staff
  • Full time and Part time PhD student





Band B

  • Part time Undergraduate
  • Part time postgraduate
  • Placement students.





Band C

  • Full Time taught Postgraduate





Band R

  • Full time undergraduate *


Reference only


* By prior request

* Please note, we will need to know in advance if Band R members would like to use the specific collections at St Luke’s Library as this building is swipe access only and we will need to request a card be made for you.  Forward your acceptance email with your home address, mobile number and a request to access the collections at St Luke's to

E-resources and wifi access for Sconul access scheme members

Your primary access to e-resources will be provided by your home institution.

Walk in access - Exeter Campus - Forum Library

Please note that for licensing reasons, our online books and journals can only be accessed via our walk-in access machines. You would be entitled to use this facility during your visit.

Walk in access - Penryn Campus Library

Using online resources must be booked in advance.  To book your visit, please and tell us when you would like to use our eResources. We will reply to confirm your visit. Then, before arriving at Penryn Campus Library, please complete our online copyright declaration form.  



If your home institution participates in the Eduroam service then you should be able to use this access the internet on your laptop or mobile device while you are visiting us. It is worth checking eligibility and ensuring your access options are configured in conjunction with your home university before you travel. Please see the Eduroam website for further details.


The Forum library does not have PCs fro general use.  Please bring your own device.  

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