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Systematic reviews

A quick guide to introduce you to systematic reviews

What is a protocol?

A systematic review protocol contains a comprehensive description of your systematic review, including the rationale, hypothesis and the methods you intend to follow.

The Cochrane Collaboration have produced an online learning tool on writing a protocol which you can use to help structure and design your protocol.

You have access to this Cochane learning package through the university. If you don't currently have a Cochrane Interactive Learning account, please create one using the link below:


Guidance on writing a protocol

Registering your protocol

Once you have completed your protocol, it is highly recommended that you register the protocol on register such as PROSPERO. Registering protocols prior to systematic reviews taking place helps to reduce the likelihood of unplanned duplication of research.

Registries can also be used to compare research methodologies across systematic reviews and for peer-review. 

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