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News Sources: Print Newspapers & Microfilm

Discover digital, print and microfilm news resources

Printed Newspapers & Magazines

For in depth research you will want to use the online news resources.

However, a number of news titles are available in print in our libraries. These are useful for quick reads, to keep up to date on the latest news; so typically a month or two of content is available.  Currently suspended due to Covid but due for return soon!

You will find earlier copies of this material available on microfilm and online.

Print & Microfilm Collections

A selection of current newspapers and magazines are held in the Forum Library on level 0. See the newspaper stands opposite the print/copy area. Currently suspended due to Covid including:


  • Der Tagesspiegel (German)
  • Exepose (Student Newspaper)
  • Financial Times
  • Guardian
  • Le Monde (French)
  • Times
  • Times Higher Education Supplement

News Magazines

  • Le Point
  • L'Obs (previously Le Nouvel Observateur)
  • New Statesman
  • Spectator
  • Scientific American

You can check on the availability of the titles by searching on the library catalogue. For example, you can see print, online and microform availability on these records for

A range of local and national daily news titles (and some weekend titles) are made available for a month in the Falmouth and Penryn site libraries. Currently available are: 

  • Daily Mail - Penryn
  • Daily Mirror (Monday-Friday) - Falmouth
  • Eastern Eye (Weekly) - Penryn
  • Falmouth Packet (Weekly) - Falmouth/Penryn
  • Financial Times - Penryn
  • The Guardian - Falmouth/Penryn
  • The i newspaper (Monday-Friday) - Falmouth
  • The Independent - Falmouth
  • International Herald Tribune - Penryn
  • The Observer - Falmouth/Penryn
  • The Saturday & Sunday Times - Falmouth
  • The Sun - Penryn
  • The Telegraph - Falmouth/Penryn
  • The Times - Penryn
  • The Voice (Weekly) - Penryn
  • West Briton (Weekly) - Falmouth/Penryn
  • Western Morning News - Falmouth/Penryn

Microform is material that contains a small image or microreproduction of a document.  It is used to save space as thousands of pages of documents can be stored in this way. 

It is commonly used as a storage medium for newspapers, government documents, and other archive materials for this reason. The most common forms are microfilm and microfiche.  

  • Microfilm is a roll of film. 
  • Microfiche is a flat sheet of film. 

Since the images are micro sized a specialist reader/scanner device is used to magnify and view the microfilm / microfiche images. 

There is a Newspaper Microfilm section in the Old Library , which holds older copies of various newspaper titles. A microfilm reader/scanner is also available,  and permits scanning and saving of content to USB stick. . 

More information about using this material is available on the Microfrom guide.

Titles available on microfilm include:

  • Financial Times: 1966-1996
  • Independent: 1991-1992
  • Le Monde: 1962 - 1995
  • New York Times: 1977-1988
  • Times: 1785 - 1997
  • Times Literary Supplement: 1968 - 2012
  • Times Educational Supplement: 1968 - 1996
  • Times Higher Education Supplement: 1971 - 
  • Times Literary Supplement: 1968 - 2012
  • Sunday Times: 1977-1996

Printed indexes are available alongside the microfilm to help you find relevant material. However, this can be a very time-consuming method of researching the material and you will not always be confident that your research has been comprehensive. You would usually be better advised to use the online newspaper services to search for relevant material.

However, sometimes the online materials do not reproduce all the relevant content in the printed newspapers, whereas the full content is captured on microfilm as they are photographs of the actual printed page. For example, not all online services will provide all illustrations, photographs or advertisements that appeared in the printed paper. If these are important to your research you might want to use a combination of the online and microfilm material to track down all the information you need.

Sometimes you might also want to look at a physical reproduction of a page in order to draw conclusions for your research; for example you might want to compare the comparative prominence of news stories on the front pages of the newspapers. Whilst you can search online to find material on page 1 of a newspaper on a particular day, a physical copy of the front page can more easily enable you to scan the page visually and draw conclusions about the relative importance afforded to the material.

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