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Maps: GIS resources

A quick guide to introduce you to using map resources.

GIS is used for many purposes that range from calculating space, analyzing spatial relationships, patterns or trends to cartography, visualization, and site management. You can find out more here

There are many resources available to help you. Explore the adjacent tabs as a starting point.

You can find out more about downloading the software for a personal device here.

A comprehensive selection of online training courses can be accessed from the Esri website. Users have access to most of the Esri online training material free of charge as part of the University's ArcGIS site licence.


Please follow these steps to access the training resources:


1.    Go to the training courses website.

2.    Click 'Web courses'. Please ignore the prices attached to these courses. You may wish to start with the Learning ArcGIS Desktop course. If any courses you need aren't on the list available then either

·         they are not free for us as part of our site licence, or

·         they are free for everyone and don't require any course access code. In this case, you can sign up for them in your own Esri account.

3.    Email stating clearly which course(s) you require, and request the course access code(s). (They will let you know if the course you want is one of the few that we don't get free of charge.)

4.    You will need to create your own Esri account before you can use the codes – click 'My Training' on the webpage for relevant links.

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