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Using News Sources: 1. Introducing News resources

Online tutorial designed to help you make the most of online news sources






News sources can be very valuable research resources 

They could form the basis of a research project or assignment, or provide additional insights or perspectives to a topic you are researching.


You can use them to conduct historical news research or to find the very latest discussion on a 'live' topic.





You can use news resources in many ways


For example you may be interested in researching global warming and want to ascertain:


  • When did global warning first emerge as a 'hot topic' in the press?
  • Who are the major pressure groups and organisations debating this agenda?
  • How has terminology in this area developed and changed over time?, etc.


Or you could be researching  the press coverage of the  Brexit campaign and referendum and want to analyse how reporting differed across  a selection of different newspapers.



There are many different types of news sources


In our information rich society, you will find lots of different types of news sources and coverage, and just a few are flagged here.

You will be familiar with newspapers, magazines and broadcasts from your day to day life but you may well not have come across some of these other types of content, e.g. microform which includes material like microfiche and microfilm that contains a small image or microreproduction of a document.  It is used to save space as thousands of pages of documents can be stored in this way. 

It is commonly used as a storage medium for newspapers, government documents, and other archive materials for this reason. 

Depending on your research topic you may want to include one or more of these types of sources in your research.


Differing formats


As well as different types of news content,  news is presented in a variety of formats.  In this guide we will be focusing on the online/digital news formats that are  available to you at the university.

If you are interested in knowing more about other types of format, take a look at the News LibGuide which covers all the different news formats that are available to you.

For example, a range of newspaper titles are available in microform format and can be useful when you want to view an exact reproduction of a newspaper page.  Some online news services reproduce the text only of a news report and do not include photos or illustrations.


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