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Using News Sources: 6. Getting help

Online tutorial designed to help you make the most of online news sources


This News Tutorial has introduced you to the the different news resources and formats that are available to you at the University and has highlighted guidance on searching effectively online.

A News LibGuide is also available so that you can quickly and easily check in on the availability of news sources in all the differing formats.

if you need more in depth support to assist you with your news research, just get in touch with the Library Liaison Team for assistance.  

We can advise on search strategy and recommend the most relevant news sources for your research topic.

1:1 appointments are available for detailed consultations and guidance, so just get in touch if you want support.


How To Contact your Liaison Librarian




Get in touch for help and advice on making the most of your library resources, or to book a 1:1 appointment with your Librarian.

Select your subject from the drop down menu to find your librarian.


For more information about your Library Liaison Teams, click here.

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