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Using News Sources: 2. Finding News Online

Online tutorial designed to help you make the most of online news sources


It is easy to find online copies of newspapers. You can use services such as ABYZ News Links to quickly identify and jump into news resources around the world. This is a quick way to browse newspapers, and can be useful if you want to see what is appearing as headline news internationally on a particular day.

However, often you will hit a subscription paywall when you try and access content, or you will want to conduct more complex searching than is possible using the freely available web content. Also, older news content is not usually accessible through the free news services.

For more in depth research, you should use the news databases that available to you through the University. These databases facilitate complex searching across news sources. In some cases, you will also have extensive historical archive access, meaning you can search back across the centuries.  All are available from the A-Z database List

Browse through the News Database List opposite


You'll see all the different sources that are available to you, along with a brief description.

 There are:

  • Individual newspaper titles such as the Chicago Tribune and the Financial Times
  • Newspaper Collections such as African American newspapers and British Library Newsppaers
  • News aggregator services which offer access to a range of different news sources, such as Factiva, Nexis UK and Proquest Business Collection
  • Cross searchable news collections, which allow you to search cross a combination of individual newspaper titles such as proquest Historical Newspapers and UK Press Online

Different sorts of services will suit different research needs

After you have browsed through the News database list and descriptions, test your knowledge with this short quiz.

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