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Film Studies: Effective library research for dissertations: Bloomsbury Screen Studies

Online support to assist with planning and conducting your library dissertation research

Bloomsbury Screen Studies

Access screenplays from screenwriters including Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson, and Joel and Ethan Coen.

Alongside this, you can explore an interactive timeline of film history, film stills, and a range of e-books.


Use the Explore menu to view content by people, themes, genres, or films.


Use the Browse Contents menu to access screenplays, books, history of cinema timeline and more.

If you know which screenplay you want to access, from the Screen Studies homepage, run a search, e.g. The Big Lebowski

You results will be displayed as below. On the left hand side, you have options to view related content, such as books with chapters relevant to the Big Lebowski.


Click on the screenplay title and you will be able to read the screenplay by scrolling through, or by using the table of contents to navigate to particular sections.

Along the left hand side you can link to related subjects and content. At the top, under the title, you can also click on the name of the screenwriter, to run a search on that person.


From the home page, go to Browse Contents > History of Cinema Timeline

The timeline is divided into 50 year sections.

Click on the blue bubble e.g. ‘1880-1889’ to see the full range of contextual content (categorised into colour-coded information on ‘Production’, ‘Society and Culture’, and ‘Technologies’).

Click on the images to find out more.

Each image has an accompanying descriptive caption. Cick on Read more to explore more context with an e-book.


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