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Climate and Ecological Emergency: Resources

Highlighting resources available via the University of Exeter

In May 2019, the University declared an environment and climate emergency. As part of its response, the University Library decided to create this Climate Emergency LibGuide in order to highlight useful research resources in the area.

This guide will be built with input from the University community, so please do get in touch if you'd like to recommend useful sources for inclusion in the guide, or to tell us about your research areas/challenges so that we can highlight content in those areas. 

This guide is very much a work in progress and we look forward to working with the University community to develop it into a useful resource for all who are interested in climate and environment issues. 

Finding Resources using Library Search Services

The Library Search services will help you discover books, journals, articles, audio visual material and more on your chosen topic. This is a good place to start when you are beginning to research a topic as you can draw on content from a variety of different sources.

Library Search

Search for print and online books, journals, articles + moreLibrary Search LibGuide available for guidance.

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Penryn Library Search

Search the print and streaming media collections that you have access to at Penryn campus.

Library Search

You can search for broad topics like climate emergency or climate change and browse by date to see the latest  publications, or run more focused searches on themes of topic relating to  the climate and/or environment 

Here are some sample searches - but try some some of your own.

climate change and tourism

climate change and carbon

climate emergency and media

Databases for Climate Research

Discover climate research produced by University of Exeter staff and students

Useful Links

University of Exeter Research

Research Resources in our Archives and Special Collections

Climate change has risen up the agenda in recent decades. Find out more about the primary sources within our archive collections which touch on this theme.

Archives relating to Climate Change and Environmental Issues

Newspaper with headlines saying Mayday! Mayday! Nature's call for help

Book Suggestions

Have you come across a useful book that has informed your thinking or research on the Climate Emergency? 

If the Library doesn't have a print copy or ebook, tell us about it so we can add it to our collections for the University community to use.

Media reporting of Climate Change

CarbonBrief's analysis of the climate papers most featured in the media in 2022:

You can see how this has changed over the past few years by viewing previous analyses:

Climate MOOCs

FutureLearn MOOCs developed by University of Exeter

MOOC stands for ‘massive open online course’, i.e.  free, easily accessible, online courses open to all.

If you've used any other useful MOOCs to learn about climate change, let us know via the feedback form.

How big is your environmental footprint?

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