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Psychology: DClin systematic literature searching: 8. Screening

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to systematically search for literature for your service-related project and thesis.
Screening is the process of identifying studies that meet your inclusion criteria and eliminating the ones that do not. 

The screening process:

  • Using the title and abstract you need to decide which articles should be included.
  • Decide what is eligible and is to be included and record the reasons why things were excluded.
  • Sometimes you need to see the full text before you can decide if something should be included or not.
  • Decide what you need to find in the full text, if you cannot decide from the title and abstract what should be included. Remember to give your reasons for any exclusions.
  • You will need to critically appraise the results you have found.
  • Now you need to decide what sort of analysis you would do with the results you have found.


link to critical appraisal guide

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