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Web of Science - Cited Reference Search

by Natasha Bayliss on 2020-03-01T11:20:00+00:00 | Comments

A cited reference search starts with a known item and moves forward in time, potentially guiding you through the evolution of a concept in the literature. It can help you find articles that have cited a particular publication. Dr Philippe Ciais from the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat and de l’Environment has published extensively on climate change, for example his 2016 article ‘Effect of climate change, CO2 trends, nitrogen addition, and land-cover and management intensity changes on the carbon balance of European grasslands’ in the journal Global Change Biology. To find articles that have cited this works you can perform a cited reference search in the Web of Science.


To perform a search you will need to:

  1. Enter the first author’s name in the Cited Author field e.g. Ciais, P

  2. Enter a journal or book title in the Cited Work field e.g. the journal global change biology

  3. Entering a year is optional. Omit the Cited Year(s) field initially, in order to retrieve a maximum amount of variations.  If you get too many results, enter the year(s) to refine relevant records.e.g. 2016

  1. Clicking Search will return entries from the Cited Reference Index that include the cited author/work combination entered.   

  1. Select the references that are relevant to your search.

  2. Click finish search to go to the results page.


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