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Book Suggestion Scheme: Recommending books for library purchase

Outlines the process for making library book purchase recommendations

Book Suggestion Scheme

If you would like a particular book purchased for the library, you can make a book suggestion. The Library has a digital first policy. If a book is available to purchase as an e-book, it will be purchased as an e-book wherever possible. This is to ensure maximum access to materials.

This scheme is open to all students and Professional Services staff and you can request up to 10 books per academic year.

Academic staff should order in the usual way from their departmental book budgets.

Before you make a request

Check whether a copy is already available.

Library Search

Library Review

Each Book Suggestion is reviewed by the library and if appropriate, a purchase is made. 

Examples showing where a purchase may be appropriate:

  • Recently published (within last 12 months)
  • Likely to be used by multiple students on a module
  • On a module reading list
  • Supports teaching/research at the University
  • Document Delivery is not available
  • Extra copies or an ebook version of an in demand print title 

Examples showing where a purchase may not be appropriate:

  • Out of print or difficult to buy
  • Cost prohibitive
  • For a specialist research project or dissertation, and unlikely to be well used long term by others
  • Document delivery offers better value for money over purchase

Academic Department Book Requests

Members of staff should submit book suggestions through their department in the usual way. 

More details on how to do this, as well as how to request new journals, databases and other subscription resources are available on the Library Guide for Staff

Professional Services Book Requests

Professional Services book requests will be considered where they are required for continued professional development or to support your role.

Request from another Institution

Where a purchase is not appropriate, it may be possible to request it from another institution.  

We can borrow books that are not part of Exeter University's collections from other libraries and make them available to you for a limited period of time

Check the Document Delivery Guide for more information and to see whether you College/Department provides funds to pay for document delivery requests.


If you have any questions about this service, contact your liaison librarian.

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