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Welcome to the Advanced Clinical Practice Subject Guide

  This guide will help you make the most of the library and information resources and services.   


New to the University?  Explore the Getting Started with the Library guide to learn all about the Library basics. 


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Where to start your search

Library Search

Search across the print and online collections for books, chapters, articles, journals and lots more. 

For more in depth research in databases and archives, use the A-Z Databases List.

Key resources

A quick start guide to using PubMed can be found here. For tips and advice from the Library, see our guide to Medline (PubMed).

Use the Databases A-Z List to access all the resources available to you.

You can browse by subject Medicine or search to find your required resource.

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to search for literature on the general medical database, Medline (Ovid) using multi-field search

Using subject headings when searching Medline can help you find more relevant results and make your search more comprehensive. To learn how to carry out a searching using MeSH (medical subject headings) watch the below video.

To access this resource there are a couple of additional steps. Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to log in and register to access ebooks and assessment activities.


This video introduces a range of evidence-based resources from NICE including NICE guidelines, the BNF and the BNFC.







The following resources are recommended to support you to develop skills in systematic literature searching and research:

Frequently asked questions - healthcare databases

Access Cochrane Interactive Learning

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