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Electronic Resources Help: Enhanced Discovery

Online guidance and information about the Library's electronic resources

Enhance your academic search and discovery techniques online using free web browser extension tools.

Paywalls, weird logins, confusing redirects; searching for academic content online can be frustrating. These tools can let you know when a PDF or other full text is available. This may be through Open Access (free to read) sources, or through your Library's subscriptions. Using your University of Exeter login these tools make it easier for you to access academic resources online. See below for our recommendations and further guidance. 

Library Recommends: LibKey Nomad

LibKey green teardrop iconUniversity of Exeter icon

Your Library subscribes to LibKey to help you access academic resources on the web. 

LibKey will let you know when the full text of a scholarly article is available, whether through Open Access sources or your Library's subscriptions. Click the green teardrop LibKey icon above to add the LibKey Nomad extension to your web browser. Select 'University of Exeter' as your institution and login using your Exeter IT login when prompted. 

Other search enhancing browser extensions

We recommend you start by installing LibKey Nomad to get all the benefits of our subscription. The following tools and settings can also be used to improve access options when searching for academic content. 

Endnote Click 'View PDF' example

Click the Endnote Click icon to download the EndNote Click extension - create an account (or login if you already use EndNote reference manager) with either your personal or institutional email address, and select 'University of Exeter' as your institution. Recommended for use with PubMed and Ovid - links to both Library purchased and Open Access content.

NOTE: Endnote Click does not currently work with Firefox; we recommend that you use Chrome for this extension.

Google scholar icon

Click the Google Scholar icon to explore our guide to getting the most out of Google Scholar searching. Double-check your access to academic content online with the Google Scholar button.

Lean library logo

Click the Lean Library icon to download the Lean Library extension - select 'Lean Library Open' as your institution. This can be used in addition to other tools which surface Open Access content.

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