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Electronic Resources Help: Login Help

Online guidance and information about the Library's electronic resources

If you follow links to provider sites via the Library catalogue or A-Z you will be prompted to Login with your University of Exeter login details. 

If you have instead reached the provider site directly e.g. via a Google search, then you will need to identify yourself as a University of Exeter user. 

The precise way to do this varies between provider sites, but most have similar steps to those outlined below.

It's a good idea to login to your Library account before trying to access resources as this may streamline the authentication process.

Logging in via Library Catalogue or A-Z Database List

Login display box

Login via single sign on with email and password


University SSO login screen prompting for university email address

A small number of databases require a special username and password.  These details are available via the username and passwords page for registered users.

Logging in direct via a Providers site - e.g. journal or publisher site

You will need to identify yourself as a University of Exeter user on a providers site

  1. LOGIN: On the providers site, go to where it says 'Login' or 'Sign on'.  This is usually at the top of the page.

  2. Institutional Login: Look for where it says 'institutional login' or 'sign on via your institution'.

  3. Shibboleth: If prompted, select 'Shibboleth', 'UK higher Education' or 'UK federation'.

  4. UoE: Select, or search for 'University of Exeter'

  5. SSO: You should then be given the option to sign on with your usual IT password.

Sign on example - via provider site

Login Tips

Remember, if you have navigated to the site via the Library catalogue or A-Z then you are probably already authenticated.  If it says 'University or Exeter' at the top of the page then you are already authenticated.

Many sites offer you a personal sign on option.  While this can be useful it is not always necessary to authenticate and will not recognise your University of Exeter login details.  Remember to look for 'shibboleth' or the 'institutional sign on' option.

The university does not necessarily subscribe to all content on all providers sites.  So just because you have been able to sign in and the site recognises you as University of Exeter there still might be some content you do not have access to.

You can configure your Google Scholar settings so that you are recognised as a University of Exeter user and are linked through to full text content.  See the Making the Most of Google Scholar LibGuide for more info

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

University quick start guide to MFA authentication:

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