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Searching Ovid Databases

A guide to searching the Ovid platform.

Each time you access the Ovid platform you will need to select the database you wish to search from the list of complete databases: 

Ovid database selection screen

Once you have selected the database you will see there are a number of different types of search options available, each allows you to perform a different type of search:

ovid search options tab

  • Basic Search allows you to do a quick, simple search using natural language (don't use this option for systematic literature searching).
  • You can use Find Citation if you are looking for a specific reference.
  • Search Tools helps you look for specific subject headings.
  • Search Fields shows you all the indexed fields available to search. 
  • Advanced Search allows you to construct more precise searches by subheadings (i.e. MeSH) and keywords. 
  • Multi-Field Search allows you to use multiple search boxes to combine search terms. 

You can change the search option by clicking on the different options above the search bar.

Watch the video to see the different options available in more detail. 

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