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Searching Ovid Databases

A guide to searching the Ovid platform.

Searching specific fields

If you are doing an advanced search for literature, or if you are getting a large number of search results it may be necessary to restrict your searches to specific fields. For example, instead of searching for 'diabetes' as a keyword you may wish to instead only search for this term in the title of a document. 

To achieve this, you have two options. The first and most straightforward is using the 'search fields' mode in Ovid. This allows you to run your search while easily selecting the database fields you wish to search.

Search fields mode

You simply deselect 'all fields' in the menu and tick the box next to the field(s) you wish to search and then click the 'search' button. This will run a search only on the database fields you have selected. You search will be added to your search history, and you can continue to run all the other searches you need to complete and combine them within the search history.

Ovid search fields mode

A full tutorial on the search fields mode can be accessed here. 

Advanced search mode

The other method for searching specific fields is to do this within the advanced search option. This search mode will allow you to manually enter the search codes after entering your keyword:

e.g. diabetes.ti,ab.

This example would search for the term 'diabetes' within the title and abstract fields of the database only.

Note: You will need to add a full stop following your keywords and seperate multiple field codes by using a comma. Once you have entered all of the field codes that you want to search, finish by adding a final full stop. You can check the field codes you will need to use for each field in the 'search fields mode' or by consulting this document. 

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