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Searching Ovid Databases

A guide to searching the Ovid platform.

If you are doing a comprehensive search, you may wish to repeat your search in another database. Once you have put together a search strategy, you can use it to search different Ovid databases, you can use the change databases feature to do this.

To run your search in another Ovid database: 

  1. Click on the Change link above the search bar: 

Ovid change database option

  1. Select the new database you would like to search, then click the Run Search button. To start a new search in the new database select OK instead.

Ovid switching databases


Top Tip: Remember subject headings can vary between the databases, you should re-check the subject headings when you switch databases to re-run your search as you may need to select a new subject heading term. If you don't you may find you have unexpected search results, this could include no results for a subject term!

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