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Electronic Resources Help: Grey Screen login issues

Online guidance and information about the Library's electronic resources

Are you have problems logging in via the grey login screen?

  • To login via the grey login screen use should use your normal university IT login e.g. ‘abc205’ and ‘your_P4ssw0rd’.  Only if you are an Alumni, SCONUL borrower, External Library user or a local teacher should you use the barcode and PIN which you should have been provided.
  • Do you have a Uni card?  In order to login via the grey screen you will first need a Uni Card.  Your library record should be created automatically when you are issued with a university card.  If you do not have a uni card and are unable to login via the grey screen you should apply for a card @ .  While you are waiting for this, you should still be able to access library resources @
  • Does you university password contain any of the following characters?  £ € @ ¦ ¬ ` ' " | <  > These characters should be avoided as they will cause problems logging in.  Details on how to change your password can be found @ . 
  • Try clearing your cookies.  In Firefox or Chrome browser, press Ctrl + Shift + Del .  This will open a pop-up window from where you can delete your cookies & cache.  Alternatively, try clicking on the cookie image at the bottom of this screen.  If this does not work, you could try using a different browser and see if the problem persists. 
  • Get in touch.  If you are still having problems then please either click on the 'Questions? Click to chat' tab at the bottom of the screen, or get in touch @

Grey login screen


Click on the image of the cookie.  If successful you should see a pop-up telling you how many cookies the cookieMonster has eaten.  Return to the grey login screen and refresh it.  Try to log in again.

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