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University Archive

EUL UA additions, EUL UA/A Alumni and other archives

EUL UA additions [list of additions to the University archive available by request; some additions have been box-listed and individual lists are available by request] 
EUL UA add. 1-44 to date including material relating to the University and St Luke’s;
material on Halls of residence (for example Kilmorie Hall and Hope Hall [Add. 17, listed], Lopes Hall [Add. 14]) and other material relating to the University.
Additions relating to St Luke’s: EUL MS add. 6 including Rattenbury Archive, add. 9, add. 15, add. 18, add. 19 including The Exonian: the magazine of St Luke's Training College, 1913-1914], add. 24, add. 27, add. 29, add. 44; EUL MS 205; EUL MS 353; EUL UA/A/7; EUL UA/A/9

Box lists of these materials are available on request.

EUL MS 75 Knight family papers including material relating to Thomas Hall.


EUL UA/A Alumni [including material and photographs donated by alumni]
Finding aids: 12 additions so far, including:

  • Students scrapbooks 1970s
  • Lafrowda Hall student regulations and Guild [EUL UA/A/2] 
  • Hope Hall and Lopes Hall [EUL UA/A/3]
  • Sport and Mardon Hall [EUL UA/A/4] 
  • Exeter University Club [EUL UA/A/8]
  • St Luke’s photographs 1940s [EUL UA/A/9]
  • Birks Hall and Rag memorabilia
  • Music programmes [EUL UA/A/10]
  • Papers relating to presentation of the Charter incl. programme, menus, press-cuttings [EUL UA/A/11]
  • UCSW Rugby memorabilia [EUL UA/A/12]

The archive is still growing and we receive regular donations from Alumni and other departments within the University. Click the tabs to see details of some of these additions and associated archives.

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