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Borrow, Renew, Request

Requesting material from Exeter campuses

All University of Exeter students and staff may request material located at Exeter campus libraries (e.g. Forum Library, Old Library, St Luke's Library or Roborough Basement Store).

Find title in Library search

Click "Request It"

Choose pick up location (e.g. Forum Library, St Luke's Library or Penryn Library)

Wait, moving items between libraries may be quick (e.g. 2 days) or it may be longer (e.g. 7 days or more)

Check for confirmation email stating that the item is ready to collect

Collect from reservation shelves at correct pick up location (Collect within 3 days, if you need longer contact us)

Borrow the item on the self check out machine


Check status of request - Log in to your Library Record to check on your request(s)


Requesting material from Cornwall campus libraries

University of Exeter students and staff (based at Streatham or St Luke's) may request material located at Cornwall campus libraries.*

Find title in Library search and click "Request Penryn copy for pick up @ Forum Library" button

Log in using your IT username and password

Choose Book request or Chapter scan request

  • Chapter scan request - Penryn library team process request and email PDF of chapter
  • Book request - Exeter library staff check the request, an e-book may be purchased, or your request may be processed, please wait until you get email confirmation for next steps

*Please note that this request service is only available through Library search and not through the Library classic catalogue

Requesting material from Exeter Health Library (NHS)

College of Medicine & Health students and staff may:

Other students and staff

Students and staff  who are not part of College of Medicine & Health may request material located at the Exeter Health Library (NHS). Email with complete title details. Requests are satisfied at the discretion of Exeter Health Library (NHS) staff.  Some material is not available to request.

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