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Borrow, Renew, Request: Forum Locker Keys

Information on Library borrowing services

Forum Locker Keys 
Lockers are available to use for a limited period in the Forum Library (Streatham campus, Exeter).

Locker keys can be found in the entrance to the Forum Library. 

Types of Locker

Storage locker with power supply (Purple keys)

  • Choose a purple key and borrow

Forum Netbook Locker Keys (Green keys)

  • Choose a green key and borrow 

Borrowing Locker Keys

  • Use the Self Issue Machine to borrow 
  • You may only borrow 1 key at a time
  • Key must be borrowed before using locker
  • The key is issued for 2 days, no renewal

Returning Locker Keys

  • Return key through the Library drop box only
  • Do not use the automated Returns machine 
  • Return keys on time
  • Locker Keys cannot be renewed
  • Overdue Locker Fines are 50p 
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