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Digital Humanities - Introduction: Home

Introducing Digital Humanities methods, practices and support at Exeter

What is Digital Humanities?

The Digital Humanities is a category of research methods and a community of practice that seeks to explore how digital and data-driven technologies can inform and enhance existing research in the humanities disciplines.
Digital Humanities is integrated within traditional humanities subjects. Digitally-enabled research not only enhances existing humanities research using digital methods, but also creates new resources for humanities researchers to access (such as visualisations and databases), and helps us to understand how new methods can change the nature of research. 
For further reading, see e.g. Defining Digital Humanities: A Reader, eds. Terras, Melissa, Julianne Nyhan, and Edward Vanhoutte. Ashgate, 2013.

Contact Information

Digital Humanities enquiries:
If you would like further information on Digital Humanities, or to find out how you can work with us in your studies, teaching or research, please see our website or email and we will get back to you, or forward your email to the most appropriate member of our team
You can also follow us on:
Twitter @ExeterDH
Instagram @dhlabexeter

The DH Labs are located in the Queen's Building and our advisory desk is usually staffed between 10am and 4pm during term time.

Digital Humanities at Exeter

Digital Humanities at Exeter: Learn more about what we do at Exeter to advance research and teaching
Methods we useVisit our website to find out more about the technologies and approaches we use
Exeter ResourcesBrowse some of the digital resources we've created through recent projects and collaborations
Digital Humanities Labs and Facilities: Further information about our Labs and equipment


Library Resources

Search the Library Catalogue or see our General Resources pages or Working With... pages for further information on a selection of key resources, texts and guides for a variety of Digital Humanities approaches that are available online or in print via the university library. If you can't find what you are looking for, email the DH team or get in touch with the Academic Liaison Librarian for your subject.

The Digital Humanities team also works closely with the University's Special Collections, which manages collections of archives, manuscript and book collections which are too rare, old or fragile to be kept on the open shelves of the library. Our teams work together to plan digitisation projects for Special Collections material. We use the equipment in the Lab to digitise selections from the archives, and work to make them publicly available online

DH approaches and tools

Digital Humanities covers a wide variety of theoretical and practical concerns. Below are some of the areas that the Digital Humanities is involved in, with links to further tools and resources.

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