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Accessing and Using Study Spaces

Information on study space arrangements currently in place to accommodate Covid-secure study

COVID-19 Information 

  • You are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask when inside our study spaces, including while working at a desk. Please think about others in the space as they may still feel nervous.

  • Cleaning materials, are located around our study spaces. Please remember to use these before and after using a study space.

New Booking System - How to Book

To book a study desk online, choose location:


Study Space Update

Study Spaces Update August/September 2021

We are currently updating the bookable spaces for the new academic year, Some of the study spaces are changing to drop in spaces and others will no longer be available. We apologise for any disruption.


The following buildings have study spaces which are moving to Drop in from the 3rd of September :

Amory Building

Peter Chalk

Physics Building


The following Spaces will no longer be available as bookable study spaces from the 3rd of September as they are reverting back to their former use as teaching and office spaces:

XFI Building

Building One

Queens Building

Study Zone Rooms


The Forum Library bookable spaces are changing from the 26th of August: 

The open seating areas within the library are moving to drop in spaces and from Thursday the 26th of August will no longer be bookable. A full list of the Forum Spaces which are bookable can be found here: Bookable Spaces in the Forum Library


Group & Silent Study

Silent Study in the Forum Library:

Salz Room Silent Study Room

Silent Study Room

Lang Silent Study Room


Group Study in the Forum Library:

Group Study


'Check in' when you arrive for your booking

How to book - 2 min video

Study spaces booking system

We've listened to your feedback and are using a new study spaces booking system, please tell us what you think in our feedback form.

Get regular tests to stop the spread of COVID-19

All undergraduate, postgraduate taught, and postgraduate research students, who have returned to term-time accommodation (private rental or University residences), can now be tested twice a week, every week. It’s fast and easy.

Testing Centre Opening times: Opening times | Coronavirus (COVID-19) – information and advice

University of Exeter Booking Form: Testing | Coronavirus (COVID-19) & information and advice

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