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Accessing and Using Study Spaces

Information on study space arrangements



  1. How do I book? You can use the booking system on these webpages to make a booking 
  2. How do I cancel a booking? You can cancel your booking using the link in the email confirmation
  3. Why can I only book 7 days ahead? This provides an opportunity for more people to book a space over time.
  4. How many bookings can I make per week?  You can book up to 40 hours per week.
  5. How do I book an AccessAbility room?  Use the online booking system


Number of Study Spaces


  1. What should I do if I can’t find a space? If you can’t find a space but need to be on campus you can visit one of the drop in study spaces.




  1. Why have computers been removed? The computers have been removed in the library and some study spaces for a number of reasons. Computers have many touch points especially on the keyboard which means there can be a higher risk of spreading infection. It lowers the risk of spreading the virus if you bring your own computer or device to use on campus and we indicate on the booking system desks which have a power socket. Many students already prefer to use their own laptop or device whilst studying on campus and the computer spaces are often not well used. We have encouraged all students to bring their own laptop or device with them to campus to study.
  1. How can I book a computer? You can book these spaces using the booking system.
  2. What should I do if I can’t afford a laptop?  If bringing your own computer is financially difficult, you can apply for funds to buy computer equipment through the University's Success for All Fund. If you are disabled and need help to buy specialist equipment, we may also be able to help. Find out more 
  1. I require AccessAbility software what do I do?   Use the online booking system to book an AccessAbility room, software is listed for each room
  2. How do I access specialist software on university computers? You can still access the software you need though your own device via the online hub or remote connection.


Using spaces


  1. How do I use the study spaces? You can find out how to use the spaces by clicking the link on the left.
  2. What safety measures are in place? 
    1. You should clean your space before you sit down  – see the further guidance on the left
    2. There is a booking system in place to manage access
    3. The spaces are supported by the Here to Help team
  3. Can I sit in an empty study space? If you see an empty study space in a bookable area, scan the QR code to find it in the booking system and try to book it.  If it is unavailable, someone may be arriving shortly to use the space.  If no one arrives for 30 minutes, the booking will automatically be cancelled to free up the desk for someone else.
  1. How do I find my study space?  Each bookable space is numbered with a unique QR code and location information is provided in the booking confirmation email.  
  1. Can I study in a group of 2 or more? Yes, there are a few group study spaces available to book or in drop in study areas. 
  2. Can I eat at my desk? You can eat cold food and drink from lidded drinks in the library and other study spaces.

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