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Accessing and Using Study Spaces

Information on study space arrangements currently in place to accommodate Covid-secure study

How to Use the Study Spaces

Please respect other users in the study space and help to keep this a Covid-secure space by:

  • Book study desks before using
  • Face covering MUST be worn when inside university buildings including while you are studying
  • Cleaning  your study desk and chair (if plastic) before you sit down and before you leave with the materials provided, this includes the keyboard and mouse if you are at a computer space
  • Keeping to the social distancing in place by sitting at the designated spaces only
  • Using headphones if you are logging into a remote lecture from a study space so as not to disturb others
  • Only eating in spaces where you are permitted to do so to keep the space clean and safe, this will be indicated for particular rooms 
  • Disposing of any rubbish in the bins provided
  • Taking any personal items away with you when you leave so that nothing is left behind for the next user
  • Departing promptly
  • Cancelling your booking if you no longer need it so that others can use the slot
  • Here to Help colleagues are able to answer your questions, please treat them respectfully and follow any instructions they might have on the safe use of the spaces
  • Print from your own laptop or device, details can be found here If you are using a printer please sanitise your hands before and after.

Safe Community Charter in Study Spaces

You will have signed up to the Safe Community Charter as part of your induction and return to campus. The Safe Community Charter in Study Spaces document outlines what this means in study spaces.

By using the study spaces you understand your personal commitments when using these facilities and what the university commitments are as set out in the Safe Community Charter in Study Spaces.

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