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Discover the wide variety of study spaces available to you across the University

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Penryn Campus Library Study Spaces and Space Checker

Find out about the types of library study space and check their availability. 

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Use the how to book a study space guide if you need help.

Types of Study Space

wide variety of study spaces and environments are available in the library sites and other key locations across campus.

You can choose the study environment that best suits your needs, including:

  • quiet study space for day to day study
  • bookable group space where you can work collaboratively
  • silent study space for when you need to get your head down
  • breakout space for informal social learning
  • AccessAbility rooms with specialist equipment and software

Check out availability of the different types of study space on the floor guides for the Forum, St Luke's and Old libraries

Where can I find it?

What does this mean?

  • Take regular breaks
  • Do not leave valuables unattended
  • If you are working through the night please be sensible and maintain a healthy attitude and working habits

  • Short power naps are helpful but the Library is not a healthy or appropriate space to sleep; if you’re very tired please head home to rest properly

  • Stay safe: if you leave the Library in the middle of the night try to walk with a friend or take a taxi

  • If you have any security concerns overnight call Estate patrol on 01392 263999 / Penryn Estates Patrol 01326 255875

Where can I find it?

  • Forum Library: PC clusters and tables by the windows
  • St Luke’s Library ground floor and first floor individual desks 
  • The Sanctuary
  • Level 2 of the Penryn Campus Library 

What does this mean?

  • Keep conversations short and quiet
  • Use head phones, no noise should come from your computer or mobile device
  • All drinks must have lids
  • Cold food only 

Where can I find it?

  • All 3 floors of the Forum Library 
  • Old Library Main Reading Room and levels -1 and -2
  • Two silent study rooms on Level 2 of the Penryn Campus Library 

What does this mean?

  • No conversation
  • No sound should escape from headphones
  • All drinks must have lids
  • Set mobile phones to silent 
  • Cold, unobtrusive food only (nothing hot, odorous or noisy to eat/unwrap)

Find out how to book a study space

Where can I find it?

Forum Library

  • Group study rooms on all 3 floors of the Forum Library
  • 3 bookable group study rooms on Level -1, named Group Workroom A, B and C, each with a capacity to hold 7 people
  • Bookable group work booths and tables in the open plan space next to the Law Library. Booths and tables are individually numbered from 1-13. Capacities are as follows:
    • 4 booths seating 6
    • 5 booths seating 5
    • 4 tables seating 4

St Luke’s Library

  • Pods on the gallery 
  • Bookable Library Study Rooms 1-3 on the first floor (suitable for groups of 4-5)
  • Bookable Library Student Presentation Room on the First Floor. Suitable for larger groups and equipped for practising presentations using an interactive whiteboard and video conferencing. 

Giraffe House

  • 3 bookable group study rooms which seat 6-8

Amory Study Centre

  • Bookable Rooms 003A – 003E.

Forum Student Services Centre

  • Interview Rooms

Penryn Campus Library

  • Level 1 
  • Four bookable rooms

What does this mean?

  • Space to practise presenting or work quietly in a group
  • All drinks must have lids
  • Cold food only

Students registered with AccessAbility may book any of the AccessAbility student rooms located in libraries. 

How to book through SID:

  • By email, phone on 0300 555 0444 or in person at SID
  • Include the time and date you wish to book
  • Rooms must be booked at least one day in advance (and no longer than one week in advance)
  • Rooms can be booked for a maximum of half a day
  • Check details in confirmation email
  • Bookings are displayed room doors

Computers in these rooms have additional software including:

  • Speech recognition software – Dragon Naturally Speaking,
  • Text to voice software - Freespeech and Texthelp Read and Write Gold
  • Braille DBT Reader
  • Mind mapping software – Inspiration Pro
  • Screen Reading software – Jaws 14

What happens if someone is in one of the rooms which has been booked?

  • The day's bookings are displayed on room door to indicate when the room is in use
  • Explain that the room is booked, as indicated on door, and see SID if there are any problems

What happens if I want to use a room on the day?

  • If a room is empty, you are able to use it.
  • If a room is occupied. you may ask if the person working in the room is registered with AccessAbility. If so, they can remain. If not, explain that the room has priority use for students registered with AccessAbility, and see SID if there are any problems


AccessAbility Room details 













AccessAbility 1 Forum Library Level -1

1 adjustable seat and table

1 stationary seat and table

AccessAbility 2 Forum Library Level -1 study seats 1    
AccessAbility 3 Forum Library Level 0

1 adjustable seat table

4 stationary seats and tables

AccessAbility 4 Forum Library Level +1

1 adjustable seat and table

1 stationary seat and table

1 1 1
AccessAbility Room St Luke's Library

1 adjustable seat and table

1 stationary seat and table

2 1  


Breakout spaces are more relaxed areas intended for social learning or taking a break.

Where can I find it?

  • Forum Library Lounge and Balcony
  • Old Library Breakout Space
  • St Luke’s Library first floor kitchen area 

What does this mean?

  • Comfortable seating
  • Food and drink permitted with vending facilities available
  • Recycle all your rubbish using the bins provided
  • Respect the space and ensure behaviour remains appropriate 

Bookable PGR Study Desks in the Old Library

What are they?

36 large desks, which can be booked by Postgraduate Research Students from any college

Where are they?

 Reading Room, Old Library Building, a silent study area

When are they available?

During Old Library opening hours

How do I book?

Book online:

Please be aware that your booking will show on the display screen at the entrance of the Old Library building including your full name.

How long may I book for?

Desks can be booked from 1 day or up to 13 weeks, depending upon availability

How can I tell what is already booked?

The online system will tell you what's available, also the display screen as you enter the Old Library building lists all the study desks and shows any bookings for that day.

Exam revision - Additional seats and extended opening hours 

Forum Library, Seminar rooms 1-12

330 additional seats

Old Library, Seminar rooms A & B

24 additional seats 

Old Library, Seminar room C 12 additional seats

The Loft study space 

118 seats, extended opening 24/7

Giraffe House study space, St Luke's campus

120 seats, extended opening 24/7

Cross Keys study space, St Luke's campus

150+ spaces, extended opening Sat-Sun 09:00-16:00

Beyond the libraries the following Student Hubs and Info points have social study spaces and cafés for you to study in:

  Social study spaces Cafés
Info at Queen's   Queen's café
Info at Building One: Xfi social study space La touche café
Info at Amory: Social study space Camper coffee café
Info at Harrison Social study space Engine room café
Info at Peter Chalk: Social study space Peter Chalk café

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Study centres

The main study centres on the Exeter campuses are:

  • The Loft
  • The Sanctuary
  • Giraffe House

The centres do not hold print library collections but provide study spaces, PCs, wifi and print and copy facilities.  See the tabs above for details of locations and a 'look and feel' of these spaces.   


08:00 - 21:30



08:00 - 21:30


24/7 swipe access

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