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Accessing Physical Library Resources

If you are registered with the Wellbeing AccessAbility pathway and have an Individual Learning Plan, University staff will have already considered your access to library resources and put the required support in place for you. This support could include book fetching services, but will more commonly involve sourcing electronic versions of reading list texts or digitising print books for you.

An artistic photograph of the spines of a number of books on a shelf. The shelf is positioned going away from the camera, so some of the image has a blurry affect.

However, Library staff understand that our users have unique requirements and circumstances, such as a temporary disability or a need to access physical research resources not on a reading list. Most of our Library collections and nearly all new publications are now available electronically, but historic and legacy publications may still only be available in print. So if you think you may require support with print book fetching and retrieval, please do get in touch with us and we'll be glad to discuss your needs further and offer appropriate support.

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